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Hi, I´m Elin, the founder and pattern cutter here at

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The aim at Print-a-Pattern is to inspire fellow humans to make their own garments and to pass on the skills needed for garment making.
I believe that craft is a powerful tool, too commonly overlooked as lesser-than, and most importantly will be a big force in scaling back and living a more sustainable and purposeful life - something that is deeply needed in order to save our wonderful blue diamond.

The patterns have the pizzazz of Pret-a-Porter, but I studied Luxury Pattern Cutting at Istituto Secoli in Milan Italy, and have worked in the industry, making garments for Cavalli and EA7.

My designs are inspired by everything around me, but mainly by the last 10 years of taking in Ready to wear, couture, vintage and thrift styles, fashion magazines and street-style in the 3 cities I have been fortunate enough to call home, Reykjavik, Milan and, most recently, London.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to email me at


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